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Département de Biologie /
Pavillon Alexandre-Vachon
1045, av. de la Médecine, local 2064
Université Laval
Québec (Québec) G1V 0A6
Phone : +1 418 656 2131 ext. 404880


Béatrice Lessard-Hamel

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Phone : 418-656-2131

Research Interests

Gaining microscopic insight into the internal structure and biology of sea-ice has traditionally been limited to destructive and extrusive ice-core sampling methods. To make progress in the exploration of sea-ice micro-habitats, and in the study of sea-ice microorganisms with minimal disturbance, we are developing an innovative in-situ microscopic imaging system inspired by medical endoscopes to observe the living microorganisms directly within sea-ice. I have always been interested in environmental research and how can engineers like myself can give the scientific better tools to not only understand but also to predict the impact of environmental changes. The interdisciplinary aspect of my project drives me to share knowledge and experience with scientists from different fields.


2021 - 2023
M.Sc. in Biophotonics
International research laboratory Takuvik, Université Laval, Canada
Development of an In situ micro-organism imaging system in sea Ice

2017 - 2021
B. Ing. Physics engineering
Université Laval, Québec, Canada

Research Experience

Core participant at Long Program in Computational microscopy (2022)
California, USA

Intern in Ocean Optics Engineering (2020)
Takuvik, LRIO and Villefranche-sur-mer Developmental Biology Laboratory
Québec, Canada

Research Assistant in Oceanographic Optics (2019 - 2021)
International research laboratory Takuvik
Université Laval, Canada

Scientific Leadership

Core participant Nordic interdisciplinary laboratories (2022)
Development of a flat-light sensor for safer travels in the North - Sentinel North
Université Laval, Québec, Canada


2020 - 2023
FONCER-SMAART - Master scholarship
Université Laval, Canada

Sentinelle North - internship scholarship
Université Laval, Canada

Québec-Océan - training support
Université Laval, Canada

Student involvement - AESGUL Award
Université Laval, Canada