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Département de Biologie /
Pavillon Alexandre-Vachon
1045, av. de la Médecine, local 2064
Université Laval
Québec (Québec) G1V 0A6
Phone : +1 418 656 2131 ext. 404880



Marcel Babin

Takuvik director
Senior scientist (CNRS) and Professor (ULaval)
Laureate - Canada Excellence Research Chair Remote Sensing of Canada New Arctic Frontier

Raoul-Marie Couture

Takuvik deputy director
Professor (ULaval)
Lakes, soil, sediment geochemistry

Marie-Hélène Forget

Coordinator (ULaval)

Aurélie François

Administrative and financial manager (CNRS)

Claudine Ouellet

Financial coordinator (CNRS)


Dermot Antoniades

Professor (ULaval)
Aquatic environments and water quality

Philippe Archambault

Professor (ULaval)
Marine biodiversity and ecosystems

Mathieu Ardyna

Researcher (CNRS)
Oceanography and phytoplankton ecology

Alexander Culley

Professor (ULaval)
Microbial Virology

Florent Domine

Senior scientist (CNRS)
Snow physical and chemical properties

Julien Gigault

Scientific Researcher (CNRS)
Characterization & behavior of Nanoparticles

Patrick Lajeunesse

Professor (ULaval)
Marine geomorphology

Maurice Levasseur

Professor (ULaval)
Production of DMS and NO2, Harmful algal blooms

Connie Lovejoy

Professor (ULaval)
Microbial biodiversity

Frédéric Maps

Professor (ULaval)
Marine ecosystem modeling

Reinhard Pienitz

Professor (ULaval)

Jean-Éric Tremblay

Professor (ULaval)
Phytoplankton and nutrient dynamics

Warwick Vincent

Professor (ULaval)
Limnology and microbial ecology

Research assistants

Cyril Aubry

Arctic cod ecosystems (ULaval, supervisor L. Fortier)

Guislain Bécu

Marine optics & new observing platforms (ULaval, supervisor M. Babin)

Flavienne Bruyant

Phytoplankton ecophysiology (ULaval, supervisor M. Babin)

Gabriele Deslongchamps

Oceanography (ULaval, supervisor J.-E. Tremblay)

Thibaud Dezutter

Oceanography (ULaval, supervisor L. Fortier)

Jonathan Gagnon

Phytoplankton ecophysiology (ULaval, supervisor J.-E. Tremblay)

Cindy Grant

Marine biodiversity (ULaval, supervisor P. Archambault)

Caroline Guilmette

Geochemistry, stable isotopes (CNRS, supervisor M. Babin)

Martine Lizotte

Nunataryuk coordinator (ULaval, supervisor M. Babin)

Claudie Marec

Experimental oceanography (CNRS, supervisor M. Babin)

Marie-Josée Martineau

HPLC pigment (ULaval, supervisor W. Vincent)

Philippe Massicotte

Optics - remote sensing - modeling (ULaval, supervisor M. Babin)

Marianne Potvin

Microbial biodiversity (ULaval, supervisor C. Lovejoy)

Achim Randelhoff

Physical oceanography (ULaval, supervisor M. Babin)

Denis Sarrazin

Geomorphology, permafrost (ULaval, supervisor W. Vincent)

Claudia Zimmermann

Paleolimnology (ULaval, supervisor R. Pienitz)

Post-doctoral fellows

Anabelle Baya

Aquatic biogeochemistry and ecotoxicology (ULaval, supervisors J. Gigault / R.-M. Couture)

Karen Filbee-Dexter

Field and modeling studies in oceanography (ULaval, supervisor P. Archambault)

Simon Lambert Girard

Development of novel optical instruments in oceanography (ULaval, supervisor M. Babin)

Marion Lebrun

Sea ice modeling (ULaval, supervisor M. Babin)

Lisa Matthes

Marine bio-optics and ecophysiology (ULaval, supervisor M. Babin)

Alex Matveev

Limnology and microbial ecology (ULaval, supervisor W. Vincent)

Biljana Narancic

Holocene climate change in the Arctic (ULaval, supervisor R. Pienitz)

Sara Pedro

Marine ecology (ULaval, supervisor F. Maps)

PhD Students

David Beauchesne

PhD Student
Oceanography (supervisor P. Archambault)

Maxime Benoît-gagné

PhD Student
Bio-physical modelling (supervisor F. Maps)

Paulina Bruning

PhD Student
Oceanography: Genetic structure, diversity, and population ecology of a Polar regions Soft corals (supervisor P. Archambault)

Charlotte Carrier-Belleau

PhD Student
Impact of human activities on the aquatic ecosystems of the St. Lawrence and on ecosystem services (supervisor P. Archambault)

Inge Deschepper

PhD Student
Oceanography (supervisor F. Maps)

Elliot Dreujou

PhD Student
Cumulative impacts of anthropogenic stressors on coastal ecosystems (supervisor P. Archambault)

Nastasia Freyria

PhD Student
Oceanography and microbiology (supervisor C.Lovejoy)

Gwenaëlle Gremion

PhD Student
Physical and Biological Modeling of the North Water Polynya (Arctic) Ecosystem (supervisor P. Archambault)

Gustavo Adolfo Guarin

PhD Student
Biodiversity in the Arctic Ocean (supervisor P. Archambault)

Sébastien Guérin

PhD Student
Phytoplankton species in the Arctic Ocean (supervisor J. Lavaud)

Matthieu Huot

PhD Student
Biophotonics (supervisor P. Archambault)

Loïc Jacquemot

PhD Student
Diversity of microbial communities within the Hudson Bay System (supervisor C. Lovejoy)

Myriam Labbé

PhD Student
Limnology and microbialecology (supervisor A. Culley)

Georg Lackner

PhD Student
Analysis of Water and Energy Budgets in a Subarctic Experimental (supervisor F. Domine)

Valérie Langlois

PhD Student
Viral communities in the Arctic Ocean (supervisor P. Archambault)

Janghan Lee

PhD Student
Biogeochemical cycles of essential elements in the ocean (supervisor J.-E. Tremblay)

Juan Li

PhD Student
Modeling ocean colour (supervisor M. Babin)

Paschale Noël Bégin

PhD Student
Limnology of a sentinel lake in the Canadian High Arctic (supervisor W.Vincent)

Sarah Schembri

PhD Student
Biodiversity, distribution and biomass of zooplankton and fish in Hudson Bay (supervisor L. Fortier)

Nicolas Schiffrine

PhD Student
Ecophysiology and nitrogen nutrition of key arctic phytoplankton species (supervisor J.-E. Tremblay)

Theo Sciandra

PhD Student
Polar diatom's physiological and molecular adaptative mechanisms (supervisor M. Babin)

Alumni and Ex-Profesional