the takuvik


Département de Biologie /
Pavillon Alexandre-Vachon
1045, av. de la Médecine, local 2078
Université Laval
Québec (Québec) G1V 0A6
Phone : +1 418 656 5193



Marcel Babin

Takuvik director
Holder of the Canada Excellence Research Chair

Louis Fortier

Takuvik Scientific Director
Professor (ULaval) - zooplankton

Marie-Hélène Forget

Coordinator - CERC (ULaval)

Debra Christiansen-Stowe

Assistant-Coordinator - CERC (ULaval)

Julie Sansoulet

Coordinator - CNRS - Communication/Humanities

Béatrice Saint-Cricq

Partnership and technology transfer - CNRS


Philippe Archambault

Professor (ULaval)
Marine biodiversity and ecosystems

Alexander Culley

Professor Microbial Virology (ULaval)

Florent Domine

Senior scientist (CNRS)
Snow physical and chemical properties

Patrick Lajeunesse

Professor (ULaval)
Marine geomorphology

Johann Lavaud

Scientist (CNRS)
Ecophysiology of microalgae

Maurice Levasseur

Professor (ULaval)
Production of DMS and NO2, Harmful algal blooms

Connie Lovejoy

Professor (ULaval)
Microbial biodiversity

Frédéric Maps

Professor (ULaval)
Marine ecosystem modeling

Guillaume Massé

Scientist (CNRS)

Reinhard Pienitz

Professor (ULaval)

Jean-Eric Tremblay

Professor (ULaval)
Phytoplankton and nutrient dynamics

Warwick Vincent

Professor (ULaval)
Limnology and microbial ecology

Xiaogang Xing

Invited Professor (ULaval)
Application of bio argo floats data in marine bio-optics and biogeochemistry

Research assistants

Cyril Aubry

Arctic cod ecosystems (ULaval)

Guislain Bécu

Marine optics & new observing platforms (CERC-ULaval)

Maxime Benoît-gagné

Remote Sensing (CERC-ULaval)

Flavienne Bruyant

Phytoplankton ecophysiology (CERC-ULaval)

Joannie Ferland

Phytoplankton ecophysiology (CERC-ULaval)

Jonathan Gagnon

Phytoplankton ecophysiology (CERC-ULaval)

Caroline Guilmette

Geochemistry, stable isotopes (CNRS)

Rachel Hussherr

Communication ACE - Takuvik

Gabriel Joyal

Research Associate in Marine Geomorphology and Seabed mapping

José Lagunas-Morales

New observing platforms and electronics (CERC-ULaval)

Catherine Lalande

Marine biogeochemistry – carbon export

Martine Lizotte

DMS cycle (CERC-ULaval)

Claudie Marec

Experimental oceanography (CNRS)

Marie-Josée Martineau

HPLC pigment (CERC-ULaval)

Atsushi Matsuoka

Research Associate in Marine Optics (CNRS)

Jean-Guy Nistad

Research professional
Marine geomorphology

Marianne Potvin

Microbial biodiversity

Eric Rehm

Remote Sensing (CERC-ULaval)

Peter Ringuet

Coordinator CNRS

Claudia Zimmermann


Post-doctoral fellows

Caroline Bouchard

Fish and Zooplankton (ULaval)

Jérôme Comte

Microbial diversity and function

Inge Deschepper

Ph.D Doctorat interuniversitaire en océanographie

Christiane Dufresne

Bio-physical modelling

Marti Gali Tapias

DMS Teledection

Clémence Goyens

Marine optics

Thomas Lacour

Ecophysiology of phytoplankton

Simon Lambert Girard

Development of novel optical instruments in oceanography

Michel Lavoie

DMSP and DMS production

Vani Mohit

Limnology and microbial ecology

Chiaki Motegi

Virus and bacteria biodiversity and metabolism

Griet Neukermans

Marine optics

Laurent Oziel

Phytoplancton variability

Thomas Richerol

Evolution of modern dinoflagellate cyst assemblages

Blanche Saint-Béat

Ecophysiological modelling

PhD Students

Ana Carina Ayyala Padeiro

Limnology and microbial ecology

Srikanth Ayyala Somayajula

PhD Student
Remote Sensing (supervisor M. Babin)

Robin Benard

PhD Student
Production of DMS and NO2, Harmful algal blooms

Deborah Benkort

PhD Student
Bio-physical modeling (supervisor F. Maps)

Jean-Sébastien Côté

MSc Student
Microbial nutrition in the Arctic Ocean (supervisor J.-É. Tremblay)

Sophie Crevecoeur

PhD Student
Limnology and microbialecology

Nastasia Freyria

PhD Student
Oceanography and microbiology

Margaux Gourdal

PhD Student
DMS dynamics and production in-, under-, and above- sea ice in the Arctic

Jordan Grigor

PhD Student
Ecophysiology of Chaetognath zooplankton species (supervisor L. Fortier)

Nathalie Joli

PhD Student
Metagenomics, genomics and transcriptomics of Arctic phytoplankton (supervisor C. Lovejoy)

Myriam Labbé

PhD Student
Limnology and microbialecology

Julien Laliberté

PhD Student
Remote sensing and optical properties

Alex Matveev

PhD Student
Limnology and microbial ecology

Janghan Lee

PhD Student
Biogeochemical cycles of essential elements in the ocean (supervisor L. Fortier)

Alexandre Normandeau

PhD Student
Marine geomorphology (supervisor P. Lajeunesse)

Bijama Narancic


Deo Onda

PhD Student
Taxonomic and functional diversity of chromist flagellates in the Arctic (supervisor C. Lovejoy)

Marie Pierrejean

PhD Student
Identification and variability of benthic hotspot ecosystems (supervisor F. Maps)

Anna Przytulska Bartosiewicz


Sophie Renaut

PhD Student
The variability of Arctic ice edge blooms and implications for the biological pump in a period of declining ice cover (supervisor M. Babin)

Sarah Schembri

PhD Student
Biodiversity, distribution and biomass of zooplankton and fish in Hudson Bay (supervisor L. Fortier)

Nicolas Schiffrine

PhD Student
Ecophysiology and nitrogen nutrition of key arctic phytoplankton species (supervisor J.-É. Tremblay)

Moritz Schmid

PhD Student
Spatiotemporal variability in zooplankton-primary production coupling (supervisor L. Fortier)

Theo Sciandra

PhD Student
Polar diatom's physiological and molecular adaptative mechanisms (supervisor M. Babin)

Elliot Dreujou

PhD Student
Cumulative impacts of anthropogenic stressors on coastal ecosystems (supervisor P. Archambault)

David Beauchesne


Gauthier Verin

PhD Student
Optical characterization of Arctic sea ice melt ponds by remote sensing (supervisor M. Babin)


Thibaud Dezutter

MSc Student
Evolution of Zooplankton assemblages (supervisor L. Fortier)

Francis Dufour

MSc Student
Sources, distribution and speciation of selenium within arctic ecosystems (supervisor G. Massé)

Pierre-Luc Grondin

MSc Student
Phytoplankton species succession and main drivers during ice-edge spring blooms in the Arctic Ocean (Supervisor : M. Babin, Co-supervisor : L. Karp-Boss)

Sebastien Guerin

MSc Student
Phytoplankton species in the Arctic Ocean (Supervisor : J. Lavaud)

Olivier Jacques

MSc Student of Geographical Sciences

Valérie Langlois

M.Sc Microbiology (Supervisor Alexander Culley and Warwick Vincent )

Mathieu Leblanc

M. Sc. Biology

Alice Lévesque

MSc Student of Microbiology
Viral diversity in subarctic thermokarst ponds

Philippe-Israël Morin

MSc Student
Acclimation of a polar diatom, Fragilariopsis cylindrus, to polar winter darkness and the return of light

Arnaud Pourchez

Marine Ecosystem modeling