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Département de Biologie /
Pavillon Alexandre-Vachon
1045, av. de la Médecine, local 2064
Université Laval
Québec (Québec) G1V 0A6
Phone : +1 418 656 2131 ext. 404880



Marcel Babin

Takuvik director
Senior scientist (CNRS) & Laureate of the Canada Excellence Research Chair Remote Sensing of Canada New Arctic Frontier (ULaval)

Raoul-Marie Couture

Takuvik deputy director
Professor (ULaval)
Lakes, soil, sediment geochemistry

Marie-Hélène Forget

Coordinator (ULaval)

Aurélie François

Administrative and financial manager (CNRS)

Claudine Ouellet

Assistant manager & webmaster (ULaval)


Dermot Antoniades

Professor (ULaval)
Aquatic environments and water quality

Rémi Amiraux

Researcher (CNRS)
Biogeochimist specialized in lipid biomarkers

Philippe Archambault

Professor (ULaval)
Marine biodiversity and ecosystems

Mathieu Ardyna

Researcher (CNRS)
Oceanography and phytoplankton ecology

Florent Domine

Senior scientist (CNRS)
Snow physical and chemical properties

Julien Gigault

Professor (ULaval) / Scientific Researcher (CNRS)
Characterization & behavior of Nanoparticles

Patrick Lajeunesse

Professor (ULaval)
Marine geomorphology

Pierre Legagneux

Professor (ULaval)

Connie Lovejoy

Professor (ULaval)
Microbial biodiversity

Frédéric Maps

Professor (ULaval)
Marine ecosystem modeling

Émilie Saulnier-Talbot

Professor (ULaval)

Jean-Éric Tremblay

Professor (ULaval)
Phytoplankton and nutrient dynamics

Warwick F. Vincent

Professor (ULaval)
Limnology and microbial ecology

Research assistants

Cyril Aubry

Arctic pelagic ecosystems (zooplankton / ichtyoplankton) (ULaval, supervisor F. Maps)

David Baqué

Geochemistry & nutrient analysis (CNRS, supervisor M. Babin)

Guislain Bécu

Optics & new observation platform (ULaval, supervisor M. Babin)

Flavienne Bruyant

Phytoplankton ecophysiology (ULaval, supervisor M. Babin)

Gabriele Deslongchamps

Oceanography (ULaval, supervisor P. Archambault)

Jonathan Gagnon

Phytoplankton ecophysiology (ULaval, supervisor J.-E. Tremblay)

Cindy Grant

Marine biodiversity (ULaval, supervisor P. Archambault)

Caroline Guilmette

Geochemistry, stable isotopes (CNRS, supervisor M. Babin)

Marie-Josée Martineau

HPLC pigment (ULaval, supervisor W.F. Vincent)

Philippe Massicotte

Optics - remote sensing & modeling (ULaval, supervisor M. Babin)

Mélody Pietri

Arctic pelagic ecosystems (ULaval, supervisor F. Maps)

Denis Sarrazin

Geomorphology, permafrost (ULaval, supervisor W.F. Vincent)

Claudia Zimmermann

Paleolimnology (ULaval, supervisor R. Pienitz)

Post-doctoral fellows

David Beauchesne

Oceanography (superviseur P. Archambault)

Charlotte Carrier-Belleau

Nanoparticules & bioaccumulation (superviseur J. Gigault)

Bruno Cremella

Pigment strategies in polar cyanobacteria (supervisor W.F. Vincent & M. Babin)

Sébastien Guérin

Phytoplankton species in the Arctic Ocean (supervisor M. Babin)

Aurélie Labarre

Oceanography & Microbial ecology (superviseur C. Lovejoy)

Alex Matveev

Limnology & microbial ecology (superviseur W.F. Vincent)

Biljana Narancic

Holocene climate change in the Arctic (superviseur R. Pienitz)

Sara Pedro

Marine ecology (superviseur F. Maps & M. Lemire)

Marie Pierrejean

Identification and variability of benthic hotspot ecosystems (supervisor P. Archambault)

Josephine Z. Rapp

Microbial virology / bacteria (superviseur A. Culley & W.F. Vincent)

PhD and MSc Students

Marie Alibert

PhD Student
Paleolimnology (supervisor R. Pienitz & D. Antoniades)

Guillaume Barut

PhD Student
Phytoplankton Ecology (supervisor M. Ardyna & J.-E. Tremblay)

Maxime Benoît-gagné

PhD Student
Bio-physical modelling (supervisor F. Maps)

Guillaume Blais

PhD Student
Limnology & microbial ecology (supervisor P. Archambault & G. Chaillou)

Marie-Amélie Blais

PhD Student
Limnology & microbial ecology (supervisor W.F. Vincent & D. Boudreau)

Thomas Bossé-Demers

PhD Student
Sediment geochemistry (supervisor R.-M. Couture)

Benjamin Bouchard

PhD Student
Modeling impact of vegetation on snow (supervisor F. Domine & D. Nadeau)

Bérénice Boulant

PhD Student
Marine chemistry (supervisor J. Gigault & R. Amiraux)

Andéol Bourgouin

PhD Student
Marine ecology (supervisor F. Maps)

Lucie Bourreau

PhD Student
Ecological modeling (supervisor F. Maps)

Paulina Bruning-Pacheco

PhD Student
Oceanography: Genetic structure, diversity, and population ecology of a Polar regions Soft corals (supervisor P. Archambault)

Thibaud Combaz

PhD Student
Functioning of the benthic ecosystem (supervisor P. Archambault)

Inge Deschepper

PhD Student
Modelling of primary production in Hudson Bay (supervisor F. Maps)

Rebecca Howman

PhD Student
Benthic ecology (supervisor P. Archambault & M. Solan)

Matthieu Huot

PhD Student
Biophotonics (supervisor P. Archambault)

Simon Jaffrès

PhD Student
Marine chemistry & biology (supervisor J.-E. Tremblay & R. Amiraux)

Yohanna Klanten

PhD Student
Climate change / Limnology (supervisor D. Antoniades & W.F. Vincent)

Valérie Langlois

PhD Student
Microbial virology & Limnology (supervisor A. Culley & W.F. Vincent)

Marie Le Bagousse

PhD Student
Nanoparticules in Arctic (supervisor J. Gigault & P. Legagneux)

Janghan Lee

PhD Student
Biogeochemical cycles of essential elements in the ocean (supervisor J.-E. Tremblay)

Adèle Luthi-Maire

PhD Student
Nanoparticules in Arctic (supervisor J. Gigault)

Khashiff Miranda

PhD Student
Sea Ice interactions with marine life (supervisor L. Jonhson & P. Archambault)

Christophe Perron

PhD Student
Sea ice optics (supervisor M. Babin)

Arthur Plassart

PhD Student
Phytoplankton ecophysiology (supervisor M. Babin & C. Bowler)

Mathilde Poirier

PhD Student
Snow properties on lemmings populations (supervisor F. Domine & G. Gauthier)

Sarah Schembri

PhD Student
Biodiversity & oceanography (supervisor F. Maps)

Fanny Thiery

PhD Student
Species distribution modelling (SDM) of Atlantic Right Whales (supervisor F. Maps)

Sonagnon Olivier Tokpanou

PhD Student
Food web modelling of Arctic coastal ecosystems (EwE) (supervisor F. Maps)

Lucie Toussaint

PhD Student
Oceanography (supervisor P. Archambault & J. Gigault)

Marcel Velasquez

PhD Student
Biodiversity & ecology (supervisor P. Archambault)

Audrey-Anne Amyot

MSc Student
Bentique ecology (supervisor P. Archambault)

Laurence Bisson

MSc Student
Ecological interaction & phytoplankton (supervisor J.-E. Tremblay)

Leïla Brunner

MSc Student
Zooplankton biodiversity (supervisor F. Maps & M. Geoffroy)

Anne-Sophie Cloutier

MSc Student
Benthic ecology (supervisor P. Archambault & J. Gigault)

Rosalie Fournier

MSc Student
Bentique ecology (supervisor P. Archambault)

Catherine Gagnon

MSc Student
Geochemistry in Arctic (supervisor R.-M. Couture & J. Gigault)

Judith Gagnon

MSc Student
Benthic ecology (supervisor P. Archambault)

Anne-Marie Lapointe

MSc Student
Microbial virology / Limnology (supervisor A. Culley & D. Antoniades)

Béatrice Lessard-Hamel

MSc Student
Biophotonics (supervisor M. Babin & S. Thibault)

Xavier Pratte

MSc Student
Benthic ecology (supervisor P. Archambault & J. Godbold)

Juliette Provencher

MSc Student
Microbial virology (supervisor A. Culley)

Bastian Raulier

MSc Student
Biophotonics (supervisor M. Babin & D. Côté)

Chloé Rivest

MSc Student
Aquatic geochemistry and soil ecotoxicology (supervisor R.-M. Couture & D. Larivière)

Mathieu Roy

MSc Student
Benthic ecology (supervisor P. Archambault)

Gabriel St-Pierre

MSc Student
Aquatic geochemistry and benthic ecology (supervisor R.-M. Couture & P. Archambault)

Alumni and Ex-Profesional